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Adding Multiple Users in Chrome for Windows


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New User Window
Adding Multiple Users in Chrome for Windows

(Image © Scott Orgera)

This tutorial is for an outdated version of Google Chrome. Please refer to the updated version (05/31/12)

A new window will appear immediately. This window represents a new browsing session for the user which you just created. The new user will be given a random profile name and associated icon. In the example above, that icon (circled) is a tasty looking hamburger. A desktop shortcut has also been created for your new user, making it easy to launch directly into their respective browsing session at any time.

Any browser settings that this user modifies, such as installing a new theme, will be saved locally for them and them only. These settings can also be saved server-side, and synced with your Google Account. We will go into syncing your bookmarks, apps, extensions, and other settings later in this tutorial.

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