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How to Fix the Shockwave Flash Error in Google Chrome


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Adobe Flash Player
How to Fix the Shockwave Flash Error in Google Chrome

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This article was last updated on June 27, 2013.

Each plug-in section should now be expanded, displaying all pertinent details. Locate the Adobe Flash Player plug-in section, highlighted in the example above. If multiple files are associated with this plug-in, this will be noted directly to the right of its name. In this example you will notice that there are two files shown, one located within a subfolder belonging to Google Chrome and the other in a Windows system folder.

Your individual configuration may differ from the one depicted in this screen shot. If you do have two files associated with Adobe Flash Player, first determine which file is internal to Google Chrome. This can be discerned by locating the words Google and Chrome within the Location path. In newer versions of Chrome, this file will be called pepflashplayer.dll. Once found, click on the accompanying Disable link. Chrome will now be forced to utilize the standalone version of Adobe Flash when needed and your problem should be solved. If you have followed these directions and are still experiencing this crash, continue on to the next step in the tutorial.

If you only have one plug-in file associated with Adobe Flash Player, continue on to the next step of this tutorial for further suggestions.

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