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Xultris (Browser Add-on)


Xultris (Browser Add-on)

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Browsers Supported:

Firefox 1.5

Firefox 2.x

Firefox 3.x

Operating Systems Supported:


Mac OS X


About Web Browsers Summary:

"Xultris is an add-on for Firefox which lets you launch a Tetris-style game right from your browser window. It is a simple, fun, and easy to use rendition of the timeless classic."

Publisher's Description:

"Xultris is a variant of the computer game classic Tetris."

Xultris Review:

"Known as perhaps the best time-waster around for many years, Tetris has been responsible for many a sore finger or thumb. Xultris brings the famous game to your Firefox web browser, allowing you to easily fire it up and start some bricklaying with just a couple of clicks. Although some of the minor features included do not actually work, the simplicity of the add-on is where it shines. It has been said by some game developers that you "can't screw up Tetris", but that statement is false as I have seen many clones fail to hit the mark."


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