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How to Reset Firefox to Its Default State


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Returning Firefox to Its Factory Settings
How to Reset Firefox to Its Default State

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Beginning with Firefox 13, Mozilla introduced much-needed functionality that restores the browser to its default state without erasing important data including bookmarks, browsing history, cookies, passwords, and auto-fill information. At times Firefox can become bogged down with crashes and overall slowness. The underlying cause of these intolerable annoyances is not always clear, leaving even the most experienced user helpless and frustrated.

The majority of problems encountered with Firefox can be resolved by returning the application to its factory settings. In many browsers, however, this so-called hard reset results in a loss of valuable user components such as those mentioned above. The beauty of the Reset Firefox feature lies in the specifics of how it achieves this restoration.

Firefox stores the majority of user-specific settings and data in a profile folder, a repository purposely placed in a separate location from the application itself. This is intentional, ensuring that your information remains intact in the event that Firefox becomes corrupted. Reset Firefox makes use of this architecture by creating a brand new profile folder while saving most of your important data.

This handy tool corrects a large majority of common Firefox issues with just a few mouse clicks, saving valuable time and effort. Our step-by-step tutorial describes Reset Firefox in detail and explains how to utilize it on the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

First, open your Firefox browser.

Linux users can skip directly to Step 5 at this point.

Mac users can skip directly to Step 8 at this point.

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