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How to Manage Saved Passwords and Create a Master Password in Firefox 29


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Open Your Firefox Browser
How to Manage Saved Passwords and Create a Master Password in Firefox 29

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This article was last updated on May 22, 2014.

As online security has become a hot-button issue so has the need to utilize more complex passwords for our email accounts, banking services and the countless other websites that require us to log in for access. Creating these passwords is one thing, remembering them another. Firefox 29 offers the option to store these passwords for you, automatically populating the appropriate field whenever you try to sign in to a particular site.

When you attempt to log in to most websites that require credentials, Firefox will ask if you would like to save this password for future use. If you choose to do so, the browser will store an encrypted version of this password for your convenience. Once these passwords are saved, Firefox provides the ability to manage them on an individual or group basis.

An extra level of protection is available in the form of Firefox's Master Password, which requires authentication whenever you try to view, modify or remove one of the aforementioned stored passwords. This is an extremely useful feature and offers added peace of mind, especially if other people have access to your browser.

While Firefox's password storage feature set has its obvious advantages, it is imperative that you know how to manage its settings correctly. This tutorial walks you through the ins and outs of managing saved passwords, individual site exceptions as well as creating and using a Master Password.

First, open your Firefox browser.

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