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How Do I Delete Internet Cache?


Question: How Do I Delete Internet Cache?

Your browser cache consists of temporary storage space on your hard disk or portable device which contains recently viewed Web pages and the files associated with them. This cache allows the browser to quickly render a previously visited page without having to reload the entire page and its accompanying images from the Web server. Settings can be changed the specify the location of your browser cache, as well as the amount of space allocated to it and the frequency in which pages are stored.


Why Would I Want to Delete Internet Cache?

There are multiple reasons why a user may want to delete Internet cache, ranging from concerns over privacy to correcting problems with page loading. On rare occasions, someone may want to delete Internet cache simply to save some hard drive space. Whatever the motive, it is a fairly simple process to delete the cache in the browser.

Tutorials on How to Delete Internet Cache

The methods to delete Internet cache vary slightly among the different browser variations. The following tutorials explain how to delete the cache in different versions of your browser.

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