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Everything You Need To Know About Web Browser Security


Everything You Need To Know About Web Browser Security

This archive is no longer updated. For up-to-date browser security news please refer to our weekly browser news roundup, found in the About Web Browsers blog.

You can never be too careful when it comes to web browser security. As browser technology evolves, so do the unscrupulous characters looking to exploit new vulnerabilities. About Web Browsers is your source for security news as well as all of the resources you need to ensure your safety when surfing the Web. Be sure to check back here frequently for the latest updates.

Web Browser Security News

09/11/09: Mozilla Releases Updates For Firefox 3.0 and 3.5

07/22/09: Security Update Released For Firefox 3.0

07/16/09: Firefox 3.5 Users Should Take Action Immediately

07/10/09: Safari 4 Security Update Released

04/27/09: Firefox Updated For Second Time in a Week

04/15/09: Critical Vulnerabilities Fixed In IE7

03/29/09: Firefox Update Fixes Two Critical Flaws

03/25/09: Chrome Stands up to Security Challenge

03/19/09: Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8

02/23/09: Play in the Browser Sandbox

02/19/09: IE7 Security Flaw Being Actively Exploited

02/13/09: Annual Hacking Contest to Target Web Browsers

02/11/09: Patch Tuesday Fixes IE Vulnerabilities

02/04/09: Firefox Update Knocks Out Security Flaws

01/29/09: Google Chrome Finally Compatible With Hotmail

01/28/09: A Browser-Savvy Botnet Surfaces

01/12/09: Safari Users Susceptible to RSS Vulnerability

01/10/09: Parental Controls for the iPhone Browser

12/19/08: Another Day, Another Browser Update

12/17/08: Critical Vulnerabilities Fixed in Firefox and IE

12/16/08: Opera Releases Urgent Security Upgrade

12/11/08: It's Official! Chrome Comes Out of Beta

12/10/08: Zero-Day Exploit Affecting IE7 Users

11/27/08: Safari Update Addresses Frequent Crashes

11/18/08: Mac Virus Redirects you to Phishing Sites

11/13/08: Mozilla Updates Firefox 2 and 3

11/04/08: Battle of the Browser Bugs

10/28/08: Security Flaw Discovered in Android Browser

10/18/08: Adobe Patches Clickjacking Flaw

10/11/08: Firefox 3.1 to Offer Private Browsing

10/08/08: Protect Yourself from Clickjacking

10/07/08: Details of iPhone Phishing Vulnerability Disclosed

09/29/08: Firefox Updated for Second Time in a Week

09/26/08: How Big of a Threat is Clickjacking?

09/24/08: Major Firefox Security Update Released

09/06/08: Early Security Problems for Google Chrome

08/21/08: Opera Releases Security Update

08/13/08: Patch Tuesday Fixes IE Vulnerabilities

08/08/08: Can Vista's Safeguards Be Easily Bypassed?

07/30/08: Safari Users May Get Cooked

07/24/08: iPhone Browser Vulnerable to Phishing Attacks

07/17/08: First Update to Firefox 3 Fixes Several Flaws

07/09/08: Microsoft Cautions Users About ActiveX Vulnerability

07/07/08: Opera Fixes Security Flaws and Adds Search Provider

07/02/08: Have You Updated Your Browser Lately?

07/01/08: Government Releases Details of IE Vulnerability

06/25/08: The Trustworthiness of Internet Explorer 8

06/24/08: Safari Carpet Bomb Finally Fixed

06/22/08: First Security Flaw Found in Firefox 3

06/12/08: Faster, Safer, and Sleeker - Introducing Opera 9.5

06/03/08: Microsoft's Warning: Beware of Safari

05/27/08: Latest Flash Vulnerability Being Actively Exploited

05/24/08: Camino Browser Receives Stability Update

05/16/08: Safari Susceptible to "Carpet Bomb"

05/12/08: ZoneAlarm's Browser Security Bubble Officially Released

05/07/08: Important Browser Rules for Windows XP SP3

04/21/08: Paypal Gives Safari Users a Scare

04/17/08: Firefox and Safari Both Get Security Updates

04/10/08: Firefox 3 Enters Final Stages of Development

04/07/08: Safari Push Causing Headaches for Companies

03/26/08: Critical Vulnerabilities Found in Safari for Windows

03/26/08: Mozilla Patches Several Firefox Security Flaws

03/23/08: Safari 3.1 Zooms onto the Scene

03/20/08: A Browser for the Kids

03/12/08: RealPlayer Vulnerability Makes IE Unsafe

03/03/08: Paypal Questions the Safety of Safari

02/17/08: Firefox 3 Inches Closer

02/12/08: Did Mozilla Rush the Latest Firefox Patch?

02/08/08: Latest Update to Firefox Fixes Annoying Crashes

02/07/08: Government Warns of Internet Explorer Vulnerability

02/02/08: Severity Rating Raised on Firefox Leak

01/24/08: Potential Data Leakage Flaw Found in Firefox

01/18/08: Home Router Flaw Can Direct Browsers to Dangerous Sites

01/16/08: Top 10 Security Menaces for the Upcoming Year

01/10/08: Can Spam Invade Your Printer?

01/04/08: Dialog Spoofing Makes Firefox Unsafe

01/03/08: Ransomware Poses as Browser Security Software

12/24/07: Safari Crashes Cause Apple to Re-release Security Update

12/12/07: Final Internet Explorer Patch of 2007 Now Available

12/07/07: Upgrade to Camino Browser Is Released

12/04/07: Microsoft and Mozilla Lock Horns Over Browser Security

12/03/07: Firefox Updated For Second Time In a Week

11/30/07: Lend Google a Holiday Hand

11/27/07: Attention Firefox Users: It's Time to Update Again

11/21/07: Firefox 3 Beta Is Finally Released

11/15/07: Apple Updates Safari for Windows

11/13/07: Critical Microsoft Update Involving IE 7 Is Released

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