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Appearance & Interface Browser Add-ons

Here you will find in-depth information and reviews from your About Web Browsers Guide on add-ons and plug-ins for several different browsers dealing with appearance and user interface.

2009 Holiday Boom Pack
The 2009 Holiday Boom Pack is a Firefox add-on which provides you with several different themes and skins related to various holidays. These include New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day.

1-Click Answers
1-Click Answers is an IE Add-on that instantly provides definitions, facts, and more on any word that you choose within your browser window. The information, conveniently displayed in a pop-up bubble, is retrieved from the massive Answers.Com reference library.

Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus is a Firefox add-on which prevents certain banners and other advertisements from being downloaded, and therefore displayed, when you visit a Web page.

All-in-One Sidebar
All-in-One Sidebar is a Firefox add-on that turns your sidebar into a centralized hub for some of the browser's main features.

AutoPager is a Firefox add-on that loads the next page of a website as soon as you reach the end of the current page. Rather than open a new window, tab, or even a new page in the current tab, the subsequent page is shown directly below an incremental break.

Better Gmail 2
Better Gmail 2 is a unique Firefox add-on, as it is actually a compilation of several Greasemonkey user scripts which have been combined for convenience purposes. It allows you to tweak Google's Web-based email client in many interesting ways.

Chromifox is a Firefox add-on which applies a blue theme to your browser similar to that of Google Chrome, which was initially based off of the open source Chromium.

ColorfulTabs is a Firefox add-on that displays each open tab in a different color.

Customizable Shortcuts
Customizable Shortcuts gives you the ability to modify Firefox's integrated keyboard shortcuts.

Fission is a Firefox add-on which incorporates the browser's progress bar with its address bar, similar to the display in Apple's Safari browser.

Flashblock is a Firefox add-on which automatically blocks all content on websites from any of the following Macromedia types: Flash, Shockwave, and Authorware.

Digital picture frames have become all the rage, and the FoxSaver extension transforms your browser into one that pulls photos from a compendium of thousands as well as from your own personal collection.

GMail Counter
GMail Counter is a Safari extension that adds a button to the browser's main toolbar which is linked to your personal GMail account.

GooglePreview is a Firefox add-on that enhances both Google and Yahoo search results.

GooglePreviewIE is a toolbar for Internet Explorer which inserts thumbnail images of web sites directly into both Google and Yahoo search results.

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which allows you to modify the way web pages display by utilizing JavaScript code. Thousands of unique scripts tailored to a large number of sites are available free of charge.

History Submenus
History Submenus is a Firefox add-on which enhances the browser's default History menu by displaying each respective day's full browsing record in its own sub-menu.

ieSpell is a browser add-on for Internet Explorer v6 and v7 for the Windows platform. It checks the spelling of almost any text that you enter in IE, whether it be Web-based email, blog entries, forums, and so on.

IE7pro is an add-on for Internet Explorer 7 which greatly improves upon the functionality of your web browser. Included are enhanced tab options, customizable ad filters and search engines, modified mouse gestures and much more.

Inline Search
Inline Search is an Internet Explorer add-on which allows you to easily find words or phrases within a web page.

MacV1.0 Theme
MacV1.0 Theme is a Google Chrome add-on that modifies the skin of your browser, giving it more of an "Aqua" feel.

myFirefox is a Firefox theme that gives your browser the look and feel of Internet Explorer 7.

No Icons
No Icons is a Google Chrome add-on that substitutes your browser's toolbar icons with relevant text detailing what each button actually does.

NASA Night Launch
NASA Night Launch is a Firefox theme which gives your browser a very dark, sleek overall look. It contrasts well if you are running with a dark desktop and goes above and beyond what many standard themes provide.

Quero Toolbar
Quero Toolbar for Internet Explorer is intended to be used as a replacement for IE's address bar. Pop-up and ad blocking is taken to the next level, allowing you to not only block standard pop-ups but to stifle even some Google ads from appearing. Most importantly, it can protect you from certain types of phishing attacks.

Smart Bookmarks Bar
Smart Bookmarks Bar is a Firefox add-on which consolidates room on your browser's bookmarks bar by displaying only icons and removing the bookmark names.

ThumbStrips is an add-on for the Firefox Web browser which creates a filmstrip of thumbnail images depicting pages that you have recently visited.

Tinseltown is a Firefox add-on that transforms your browser into a virtual Winter wonderland.

Tiny Menu
If you are a neat freak when it comes to your Web browser, Tiny Menu does a good job of tidying things up when it comes to Firefox's menu.

WebMail Ad Blocker
WebMail Ad Blocker expands your real estate on the "Big 3" Web-based email clients (Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail) by preventing certain advertisements from being displayed.

Winter Holiday Christmas Toolbar and Theme
Winter Holiday Christmas Toolbar and Theme is a Firefox add-on which decorates your browser in the spirit of December 25th.

Xmas is a Firefox add-on that helps spread a little Christmas cheer by totally revamping the look of your browser.

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