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The 2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winners: Web Browsers


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Best Browser Theme
The 2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winners: Web Browsers

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The Best Browser Theme category accepted nominations for any skins or themes that altered the appearance of your browser, whether it be simple icon changes or a completely fresh coat of paint. The five finalists ranged from a theme created by a popular fashion designer to one that gives Firefox a "dark, hot look."

The first place finisher, for the second year in a row, has been a favorite of Opera users since its release. Congratulations to Z1-Glass, the winner in the 2012 Best Browser Theme category.

Final Voting Results
  • *Z1-Glass (Opera) - 58%
  • FT DeepDark (Firefox) - 37%
  • LavaFox (Firefox) - 1%
  • Marc Ecko (Chrome) - 1%
  • Office Black (Firefox) - 1%
*denotes winner

2011 Winner: Z-1 Glass (Opera)

2010 Winner: NFL's Indianapolis Colts: Official Football Boom!

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