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The 2010 Reader's Choice Awards Winners: Web Browsers


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Best Browser Theme - 2010
The 2010 Reader's Choice Awards Winners: Web Browsers

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The Best Browser Theme category accepted nominations for any skins or themes that altered the appearance of your browser, whether it be some simple icon changes or a completely fresh coat of paint. The five finalists ranged from a theme which sported a space shuttle motif to one that simplified Firefox in a "slick" manner.

The winner, with a whopping 42% of the final vote, is a theme that adorns your browser in the colors of this year's AFC Champions from the National Football League. They may have lost the Super Bowl, but they won the Best Browser Theme! Congratulations to NFL's Indianapolis Colts - Official Football Boom!, the winner in the 2010 Best Browser Theme category.

Final Voting Totals *denotes winner
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