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The Latest and Greatest Web Browser News

The Web Browser Newsroom


The Latest and Greatest Web Browser News

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The web browser industry is constantly changing, with new products and technologies being introduced all of the time. Don't be left in the dark. Check back with the Web Browser Newsroom often and stay in the loop!

Web Browser News Articles

09/11/09: Mozilla Releases Updates For Firefox 3.0 and 3.5

08/11/09: Is Microsoft Ready to Show Some Love?

08/08/09: Wave Goodbye To Internet Explorer 6

07/29/09: A Sneak Peek at Firefox 4.0

07/22/09: Security Update Released For Firefox 3.0

07/16/09: Firefox 3.5 Users Should Take Action Immediately

07/10/09: Safari 4 Security Update Released

06/30/09: Mozilla Releases Firefox 3.5 Browser

06/02/09: Add Bing to Firefox's Search Bar

04/27/09: Firefox Updated For Second Time in a Week

04/21/09: Do Your Part For Earth Day

04/15/09: Critical Vulnerabilities Fixed In IE7

04/06/09: Firefox Continues to Gain Market Share

03/29/09: Firefox Update Fixes Two Critical Flaws

03/25/09: Chrome Stands up to Security Challenge

03/19/09: Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8

03/13/09: Happy Birthday to the Web

03/10/09: The Ability to Turn Off Internet Explorer

02/25/09: Apple Unveils Safari 4 Browser

02/23/09: Play in the Browser Sandbox

02/19/09: IE7 Security Flaw Being Actively Exploited

02/13/09: Annual Hacking Contest to Target Web Browsers

02/11/09: Patch Tuesday Fixes IE Vulnerabilities

02/09/09: Firefox Creators Join the Anti-IE Crusade

02/04/09: Firefox Update Knocks Out Security Flaws

02/02/09: Safari Market Share Reaches All-Time High

01/29/09: Google Chrome Finally Compatible With Hotmail

01/28/09: A Browser-Savvy Botnet Surfaces

01/15/09: A Gaming Classic is Coming to your Browser

01/12/09: Safari Users Susceptible to RSS Vulnerability

01/10/09: Parental Controls for the iPhone Browser

01/05/09: Firefox Reaches 20% Market Share

12/19/08: Another Day, Another Browser Update

12/17/08: Critical Vulnerabilities Fixed in Firefox and IE

12/16/08: Opera Releases Urgent Security Upgrade

12/11/08: It's Official! Chrome Comes Out of Beta

12/10/08: Zero-Day Exploit Affecting IE7 Users

11/27/08: Safari Update Addresses Frequent Crashes

11/27/08: Lawsuit Filed over iPhone Browser

11/23/08: A Browser Made for PC Gamers

11/20/08: Looking Forward to IE8? Wait 'Til Next Year

11/18/08: Mac Virus Redirects you to Phishing Sites

11/13/08: Mozilla Updates Firefox 2 and 3

11/12/08: Opera to Release Updated Wii Browser

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