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Top Web Browser Innovations of the Decade

Tabbed Browsing


Top Web Browser Innovations of the Decade

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Too Much Clutter

As someone who made a habit of multi-tasking since I was old enough to speak, I can say without hesitation that tabbed browsing had a huge impact on my daily life. Gone were the days of switching back and forth between a dozen open browser windows trying to find what I was looking for. The desktop and taskbar clutter that typified my daily routine was now a thing of the past, and I had something as simple as a browser tab to thank for it.

The Evolution of the Tab

Although tabbed browsing can be traced all the way back to 1994 with Booklink Inc.'s InternetWorks, it really wasn't introduced to the mainstream until Opera 4 in 2000 and - to a greater extent - Mozilla's popular Firefox browser in the year 2002. Since then tabs have become an integral part of every major browser, including some on mobile platforms. They have also been improved upon in many ways, ranging from the way they function to how they are rendered on our screens. Tabbed browsing is truly one of the top browser innovations of the decade!

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