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Top Web Browser Innovations of the Decade

Private Browsing


Top Web Browser Innovations of the Decade

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Mind Your Own Business

Some of the most common search phrases related to Web browsers deal with removing browsing history and deleting private data. People want privacy while surfing the Web, and in many cases do not want to leave any traces behind telling what sites they've visited, what information they've entered, and what they may have downloaded. This desire for anonymity certainly did not go unnoticed by browser architects who, along with their development teams, spent a great deal of time over the past decade creating ways to offer the virtual invisibility the public yearned for. The result of this ingenuity was two-fold, with "before and after" solutions finding their way into most major browsers by the time 2009 rolled around.

Go Incognito

The preemptive approach, which bears a different moniker depending on your browser of choice (Private Browsing in Firefox, Incognito Mode in Chrome, etc.) but offers the same basic functionality, ensured that nothing you do while browsing is saved. This included not only your browsing history but also any temporary files such as cache and cookies.

Leave No Trace Behind

The after-the-fact approach involved giving users the ability to clear their tracks, so to speak, at the end of their browsing session. Deleting private data is now a feature offered in all major browsers and, in most cases, can be quickly accomplished with a single keystroke or mouse click. Over the past several years this functionality has become refined where the Web surfer is allowed to specify exactly which sensitive data is removed, enabling them to keep certain items such as saved passwords while deleting everything else.

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