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Top Web Browser Innovations of the Decade

Browser Add-Ons


Top Web Browser Innovations of the Decade

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A Definite Game Changer

It can be argued that nothing has had a bigger impact on the Web browser over the past decade than add-ons have. Occasionally referred to as extensions or plug-ins, these little programs have turned ordinary browsers into virtual powerhouses. Written by independent parties in most cases, add-ons are installed and essentially become part of the browser itself - adding endless possibilities to its existing feature set.

Something For Everyone

Offering functionality ranging from those that predict the weather to those that help you kick a bad habit, these add-ons have taken browsers to heights never before imaginable. A staple for Firefox users (over 1.5 billion add-ons had been downloaded from Firefox's official site at the time of this writing), these multi-faceted additions are steadily gaining steam in other major browsers such as Internet Explorer and Chrome.

A Bright Future

The ingenuity of these third-party developers never ceases to amaze, and it appears that the sky's the limit for browser add-ons in the upcoming decade. Stay tuned!

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