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10 Bitcoin Browser Add-ons

Browser add-ons, apps, extensions, and themes related to cryptocurrency


This article was last updated on July 19, 2013.

While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Namecoin have been around for a while, they have not garnered widespread adoption and recognition until the past few months. Earmarked by significant spikes in value followed by sudden crashes, the ebbs and flows of this digital currency has caused a lot of mainstream eyes to focus on what was once an underground world.

As is normally the case with new technologies, popularity tends to breed both inspiration and innovation. Perhaps to no one's surprise, browser add-on developers have begun to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, releasing some creative apps, extensions, and themes aimed at Bitcoin and Litecoin enthusiasts.

As you can tell from the list below, the Chrome extension developer community has been the most active so far in this area.

My Wallet

my wallet
(Image © Scott Orgera)

Browser(s) supported: Google Chrome

Brought to you by the folks at Blockchain.info, the My Wallet service allows you to send and receive Bitcoin payments instantaneously. This Chrome app integrates that service into your browser, allowing it to act as a standalone entity that can even be run while offline.

Offering the transparency of open source, the security of client side encryption, and the affordability of no added transaction fees, My Wallet is quickly becoming the gold standard. Easy to use even for BTC beginners, this extension provides real-time conversion in over twenty popular currencies.


happy hashes btc ltc
(Image © Scott Orgera)

Browser(s) supported: Google Chrome

HappyHashes is an interesting Chrome extension which has several practical uses, one involving Bitcoin wallet addresses. While activated, the extension automatically transforms each hash string found within the current Web page to four English words. This conversion is achieved by passing the hash into the SHA-1 function, eventually resulting in four 10-byte strings. These are then converted to a decimal value, each mapped to a word in an expansive list. Although a collision is technically possible (the extension's developer claims the probability at 24,000^4 to 1), it is highly unlikely that you will encounter such a situation.

This set of four words can now be used for a variety of purposes, including making communication with others much simpler. HappyHashes can be toggled off and on by clicking on the extension's smiley face button, located to the right of the browser's omnibox. This toggle action causes the actual hash string to be displayed while in the off position, and the four word combination to be shown when on.

Bitcoin Block Explorer

bitcoin block explorer
(Image © Scott Orgera)

Browser(s) supported: Mozilla Firefox

Firefox's Search Bar allows you to easily submit keywords to a number of popular engines such as Google and Bing, as well as several shopping sites like Amazon and a number of social media venues including Twitter. The Bitcoin Block Explorer add-on incorporates yet another type of engine into this handy component, one that returns details about addresses, blocks, and transactions found within the Bitcoin blockchain. This search can be initiated by entering one of a number of items, either partially or in full. These include addresses, block hashes, block numbers, hash160, public keys, and transaction hashes.

Bitcoin Microformats

bitcoin microformats
(Image © Scott Orgera)

Browser(s) supported: Google Chrome

Another unique extension with a number of practical uses, depending on what your goals are, Bitcoin Microformats scans the source code of each Web page that you visit. If one or more Bitcoin addresses is detected, an orange and white button appears in Chrome's omnibox. Located right next to the Bookmark Star, this button displays all Bitcoin addresses embedded in the current page's code. URLs accompanied by the link rel="bitcoin" tag are also provided.

Bitcoin Browser Extension

bitcoin browser extension
(Image © Scott Orgera)

Browser(s) supported: Google Chrome

Developed by Konstantin Petrov, Bitcoin Browser Extension provides the current Bitcoin exchange rate for over a dozen worldwide currencies including the U.S. Dollar, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, and Russian Rouble. Upon installation a button is added to Chrome's main toolbar which, when clicked on, renders a pop-out window containing buy, sell, low and high BTC quotes in the currency of your choice. Also included is a nifty line chart detailing Bitcoin's trends over the last three months. Unfortunately this chart is only available in USD.

The extension's button icon itself displays the current rate, obtained from mtgox.com, rounded up to the nearest number and updated regularly. This allows you to quickly view the latest figure with no action required. This button can be easily configured to show either the buy, sell, low or high value.

Bitcoin - Litecoin

bitcoin litecoin theme
(Image © Scott Orgera)

Browser(s) supported: Google Chrome

Designed with the passionate cryptocurrency fan in mind, this Chrome theme applies a sleek, gunmetal-like appearance to your browser's tabs and toolbars. In addition, the background of the New Tab page is adorned with stacks of Bitcoin and Litecoin. Basic and to the point, the Bitcoin - Litecoin theme provides a nice change of appearance for alternative currency advocates.

Bitcoin Money

bitcoin money
(Image © Scott Orgera)

Browser(s) supported: Google Chrome

From the same designer as the Bitcoin - Litecoin theme, Bitcoin Money adds a touch of BTC bling to your Chrome browser. The shiny stacks of Bitcoin that highlight the New Tab page are a nice contrast to the muted gold shade painted across Chrome's tabs and toolbars.

BTC Ticker

btc ticker
(Image © Scott Orgera)

Browser(s) supported: Google Chrome

When it comes to adding functionality to your browser, sometimes simpler is better. For those Chrome users trading bitcoins in the United States, the BTC Ticker can prove quite handy. The current BTC/USD price is prominently displayed in Chrome's main toolbar, overlaying a Bitcoin badge. Updated from mtgox.com every 5 minutes (quicker if you manually click on the badge), the latest Bitcoin quote constantly remains in view while you browse the Web.

Bitcoin Ticker

bitcoin ticker opera
(Image © Scott Orgera)

Browser(s) supported: Opera

Not to be left out of the Bitcoin add-on party, Opera users can monitor the current USD/BTC quote in the form of a graphical button located right next to their browser's address bar. Hovering your cursor over this button displays a small pop-out window containing the latest buy, sell, high, low and last Bitcoin quote in U.S. dollars. Clicking on the button, meanwhile, loads a real-time Mt. Gox BTC market data chart.


bitcoin ticker firefox
(Image © Scott Orgera)

Browser(s) supported: Mozilla Firefox

Bitcoin-Ticker is a Firefox add-on that provides the latest traded Bitcoin price from mtgox.com in both USD and EUR currencies, as well as the latest BTC quote from bitstamp.net in USD. All three quotes are displayed in the right hand corner of the browser's Add-on Bar, each distinguished by their own unique color.

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