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Web Browser Add-Ons for the Struggling Economy

Compare Before You Buy


online shopping best price

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You Better Shop Around

The act of shopping around used to involving trudging from store to store in an effort to find the best price on an item. The ability to make those same purchases online added an obvious element of convenience to the equation. Clicking from site to site is an awful lot easier than physically looking around. When it comes to online shopping, however, the best price can still prove to be elusive.

The Best Price With Just a Single Mouse Click

Want to make online shopping even simpler? There are free browser add-ons available that automatically find the best prices on a particular item or service. No longer do you have to browse multiple sites to score a bargain. PriceAdvance provides immediate access to price comparisons while browsing popular merchant sites like Amazon and Target. A small, non-intrusive window appears whenever alternate prices are available for a particular item. Why not let this nifty little add-on do the work for you? Find the best price and enjoy the time and money that you will have saved!

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

The 1 Stop Travel and Retail Shopping Engine is another add-on that takes a different approach when it comes to online shopping. Integrated with the dynamic Samucaya engine, this extension quickly searches for the best price when it comes to airline tickets, car rentals, vacation cruises, and everyday retail items. Each individual merchant's items and prices are displayed in their own browser tab, making it easy to go from vendor to vendor until you find the price you like. Saving money on your next trip just got a whole lot easier.

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