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How To Restore Default Settings in Safari 4 for Windows


How To Restore Default Settings in Safari 4 for Windows

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The Safari 4 for Windows Web browser stores a large amount of information as a result of your browsing. This not only includes cache and cookies but also saved names and passwords, download history, search keywords, browsing history and more. There is a very quick and painless way to remove all of these things and return your Safari browser to its default state.

Before doing this, please be sure that you definitely want all of this information to be erased.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Less than 1 Minute

Here's How:

  1. Open your Safari 4 Web browser.
  2. Click on Edit in your Safari menu, located at the top of your browser window.
  3. A drop-down menu will now appear. Choose the option labeled Reset Safari....
  4. A warning dialog will now appear detailing the items that will be removed. By default, all items within this window are checked with the exception of Reset Top Sites and Remove all webpage preview images.
  5. Ensure that only the items that you wish to reset are checked.
  6. Click the button on the dialog labeled Reset to complete the process.
  7. Your Safari browser will now restart automatically.

What You Need

  • Safari 4 for Windows
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