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Toolbars for Firefox - Windows

Everything you want and need to know about web browser toolbars including reviews, tutorials, and more for Firefox for Windows.

Netcraft Toolbar

The Netcraft Toolbar is a Firefox add-on which helps protect you from phishing attacks by blocking access to suspicious URLs. Drawing from its large database and relying on community input, Netcraft employs a giant "neighborhood watch scheme" to actively collect URLs involved in phishing.

RUWT? Toolbar

The RUWT? (stands for aReyoUWatchingThis?) Toolbar alerts you whenever a sporting event is reaching a fever pitch, whether it be a no-hitter going into the 8th inning or a 12 seed upsetting a favorite with a few minutes remaining. By utilizing a game watching robot as well as community input, this unique Firefox add-on makes sure you never miss those exciting moments while browsing the web.

Unofficial MySpace Toolbar

The Unofficial MySpace Toolbar is a Firefox add-on which incorporates the most popular features of the social networking site such as messaging, commenting, and blogging into a browser toolbar. You can automatically login to MySpace, check your mail, view your profile, and much more with this free extension.

Torrent Finder Toolbar

Torrent, or BitTorrent, downloading has quickly blossomed into one of the most common forms of peer-to-peer networking and file sharing. It is used to download almost anything including movies, music, software, and much more. The Torrent Finder Toolbar for Firefox allows you to simultaneously search over 100 torrent sites directly from your web browser.


TorrentBar is a Firefox add-on which lets you search some of the Web's top torrent sites directly from a browser toolbar. The ability to retrieve Google search results with the torrent file type as well as links to the latest P2P news are also included.
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