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The Bottom Line

IE7pro is an add-on for Internet Explorer 7 which greatly improves upon the functionality of your web browser. Included are enhanced tab options, customizable ad filters and search engines, modified mouse gestures and much more.


  • Tab management features do a lot to improve IE's tabbed browsing.
  • Powerful ad blocker makes for a better browsing experience and tightens security.
  • Crash recovery is a great feature, especially on unstable PC configurations.
  • IE7pro is not limited by display size and can save a web page in its entirety to an image file.
  • Mouse gestures add a level of convenience to repititious browsing actions.


  • There are no glaring weaknesses with this add-on. Frequent updates are released to address defects.


  • Many of IE7pro's features are controlled via IE7pro Preferences, located in IE's Tools menu.
  • Some of IE7pro's controls can also be accessed via the add-on's menu shortcut, which is located in IE's status bar.
  • Various tabbed browsing settings, including a tab history manager, are included.
  • Customizable ad filtering is broken down to the URL, div, and frame level.
  • Super Drag and Drop lets you automatically submit selected text to the desired search engine.
  • Mouse gestures can be used to perform many common browser tasks.
  • Proxy Switcher allows for toggling between multiple proxy configurations.
  • Built-in crash recovery restores all open pages and tabs in the event of a browser crash.
  • IE7pro Script enables chunks of JavaScript code, allowing you to install and run your own scripts.
  • IE7pro gives you the ability to save a screenshot of an entire web page as an image.

Guide Review - IE7pro

IE7pro brings a rich feature set, many which should have probably been part of the browser to begin with, to Internet Explorer 7. This is definitely the type of add-on that, once you've used it for a week, you will never know how you lived without it. The tabbed browsing features within IE have room for improvement, and IE7pro answers the call. The ad and flash blockers are tremendous and can be tweaked right down to their core. Script lovers will enjoy the Greasemonkey-like support as it adds a new dimension to the Microsoft browser. Also, IE's stability is less than stellar at times and the add-on's crash recovery can be your savior. With these and some of the other solid features, IE7pro is several steps ahead of your average add-on and I personally use it every day.
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