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How to Use Peekko in Firefox for Windows


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The Peekko Chat Window
How to Use Peekko in Firefox for Windows

The heart and soul of Peekko is the chat window, which appears at the bottom of your browser window. By default, it is rather small in height so it is not very obtrusive when you are viewing a web page. However, if you'd like to make it a little bigger so you can view more lines of chat at once, simple move your cursor over the horizontal rust-colored bar at the top of the chat window. When your cursor changes to the up/down arrow, click and drag the window to your desired height.

If you do not see the chat window, it means that it has been hidden. To display the window, simply click the Show button on your Peekko toolbar.

Within the main section of the window itself (colored black with white text by default), you will find server information (if you recently connected), channel topics, channel name, as well as chat. The chat room format is set up in the standard IRC style.

The colored bar directly below the main chat window displays the following information: <Your chat nickname> on <Name of current chat channel> with <Number of people chatting>.

Directly below this colored bar is the area where you enter your chat messages. Click in the blank space until you see a blinking cursor. Now you may type your message and click enter to send it to the chat room.

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