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Toolbars for Internet Explorer - Windows

Everything you want and need to know about web browser toolbars including reviews, tutorials, and more for Internet Explorer for Windows.

Netcraft Toolbar

The Netcraft Toolbar is an Internet Explorer add-on which helps protect you from phishing attacks by blocking access to suspicious URLs. Drawing from its large database and relying on community input, Netcraft employs a giant "neighborhood watch scheme" to actively collect URLs involved in phishing.

Quero Toolbar

Quero Toolbar for Internet Explorer (Windows only) is a browser toolbar intended to be used as a replacement for IE's address bar. It provides a robust search feature, powerful advertisement blocking, and phishing protection among other features.


StumbleUpon is a browser toolbar for both Internet Explorer and Firefox. It scours the Internet for you, finding thousands of web sites that match your interests. Not only does this toolbar find endless sites based on the topics you are interested in, it also allows you to meet and message people with similar interests and create a network of friends.


GooglePreviewIE is a toolbar for Internet Explorer which inserts thumbnail images of web sites directly into both Google and Yahoo search results. Also containing a pop-up blocker and enhanced search functionality, the toolbar lets you easily preview the look and feel of a site without actually visiting it.

Pictures Toolbar

Pictures Toolbar is an Internet Explorer add-on which retrieves all the images from a web page as well as connecting pages and saves them to your hard drive. After the images are stored, you can view them separately or through a slideshow right in your main browser window.
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