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Pronto Shopping Messenger

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Pronto Shopping Messenger

The Bottom Line

Pronto Shopping Messenger is a powerful yet non-intrusive extension for Firefox for Macintosh which helps in your search for the best value when shopping online. Even the most experienced online shopper may find it an arduous task to sift through dozens of sites to find the cheapest price on a particular item. This nifty little add-on does it for you, without getting in your way while browsing. It is limited by only working for retailers that sell in US dollars, however.


  • Pronto Shopping Messenger is extremely easy to configure and use.
  • This Firefox extension retrieves product and price results from over 50,000 online merchants.
  • Shopping Messenger maintains a very convenient history trail.
  • This extension's screen presence is rather small and does not get in your way.


  • Pronto Shopping Messenger does not support retailers that sell in currencies other than US dollars.
  • Unlike some product searches, Pronto does not offer a shipping calculator on its result pages.


  • Pronto Shopping Messenger provides you with a large number of price comparisons for an item which you are currently viewing.
  • You can specify where your "shopping messages" are displayed, as well as the size and duration of these messages.
  • A message blocking feature allows you specify certain sites in which you would not like to receive messages while visiting.
  • Recent shopping message history gives you the ability to easily jump back and forth to price comparisons for several items.
  • In addition to the price comparison feature, a product rating as well as product reviews are compiled and displayed.
  • Pronto Shopping Messenger has been updated to include Firefox 2.0 compatibility.

Guide Review - Pronto Shopping Messenger

There are many product search and price comparison sites available online, and some of them are very thorough and helpful. Pronto's product search itself may not rank at the top of the pack, but it is good enough. What distinguishes Pronto's engine from the others is Pronto's Shopping Messenger, which takes care of the comparisons for you while you shop and lets you know how many different prices it found for the product you are currently looking at. The beauty of it is that it gets done without you having to do anything at all. Although the product searches from Pronto themselves may be lacking in certain areas such as the omission of a shipping calculator, the convenience and ease of use of Shopping Messenger more than makes up for it. If you plan to do any shopping at all online, Pronto Shopping Messenger makes a great companion.
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