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Download Statusbar

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Download Statusbar

The Bottom Line

Download Statusbar is a Firefox for Macintosh extension that allows you to both monitor and manage your ongoing and completed downloads from a small sidebar in your browser window. Several customizable options give you the ability to take full control of all downloaded files from start to finish.


  • Download Statusbar is non-obtrusive, unlike Firefox's default Downloads window.
  • Monitoring all aspects of current and completed downloads can be easily done.
  • Highly configurable display settings ensure that the extension's appearance is just how you want it.
  • Virus scan feature lets you specify exactly which download types should be scanned and how.
  • Several automated features allow you to control download behavior even after your browser is closed.


  • There are no glaring weaknesses in this extension.


  • Download Statusbar displays its progress meter in the bottom left hand corner of your main Firefox browser window.
  • A file's name, download speed, and estimated time remaining is displayed in the status bar for all active downloads.
  • A tooltip for active downloads displays source and destination locations, amount downloaded, time left, and percent done.
  • A tooltip for completed downloads displays source and destination locations, file size, total time, and average d/l speed
  • Downloads can be paused or stopped from their respective pop-up menu.
  • Download History menu item opens the classic Firefox Downloads window.
  • Options can be configured to perform several different actions upon completion of each download.
  • Filter settings can be configured to ignore and/or clear specific file types by extensions.
  • The entire appearance of the status bar, including colors and sizes, can be set to your liking.
  • Virus scan settings allow downloads to be automatically scanned by a user-specified application.

Guide Review - Download Statusbar

My favorite browser add-ons tend to be those which are the most practical, ranging from the simplest to the more complex. A major annoyance to me in the Firefox browser has always been its Downloads window. Whether it be the way it is displayed or the lack of options that it offers, it has always seemed to fall short of my expectations. Therefore, when I came across Download Statusbar, I was immediately impressed. It seemed to take everything that was wrong with the way Firefox managed downloads and totally eliminate it, making managing file retrieval a cinch. Packed with a ton of configurable options, both visual and functional, this extension is a must-have for all Firefox users.
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