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Reviews of Add-Ons and Extensions for the Firefox Web Browser

Here you will find in-depth information and reviews from your About Web Browsers Guide on browser add-ons and extensions for Firefox for Macintosh (OS X).
  1. Greasemonkey User Scripts (30)

Netcraft Toolbar
The Netcraft Toolbar is a Firefox for Macintosh add-on which helps protect you from phishing attacks by blocking access to suspicious URLs. Drawing from its large database and relying on community input, Netcraft employs a giant "neighborhood watch scheme" to actively collect URLs involved in phishing. In addition, the toolbar detects XSS attacks and prevents malicious popups from hiding where they originated.

Top Music/Audio Extensions for Firefox
A list of the top music/audio extensions available for the Firefox browser, with links to reviews for each one.

NBA Scoreboard
The NBA Scoreboard extension for Firefox delivers updated scores from every National Basketball Association game directly to a drop-down menu in Firefox's main toolbar.

Pronto Shopping Messenger
Pronto Shopping Messenger is a powerful extension for the Firefox for Macintosh web browser which helps you when shopping online with price comparisons and product searches.

Quitomzilla is a Firefox add-on which helps you quit smoking cigarettes by telling you how many cigarettes you would have smoked as well as how much money you have saved since you quit. This information is displayed in a convenient location in your browser window.

Forecastfox is an add-on for the Firefox web browser which gives you the ability to display international and local weather forecasts in almost any of the browser's toolbars or status bars. It can be customized to display specific weather information, Doppler radar maps, severe weather alerts, and much more.

FoxyTunes is a Firefox add-on which gives you the ability to integrate some of the most powerful media players around such as iTunes and Windows Media Player directly into your browser window. You are given the ability to control your media player of choice from Firefox's status bar or toolbar section.

eMusic Toolbar
The eMusic Toolbar is a Firefox add-on which allows you to easily search and navigate through eMusic.com and their extensive song library. eMusic is a web site dedicated to artists that are signed to independent record labels, providing artist information and music downloads.

allmusic.com Search Toolbar
This add-on allows you to search allmusic.com for a particular artist, album, or song title directly from Firefox's browser window. Allmusic, the self-proclaimed most comprehensive music reference source on the planet, has a vast wealth of information on even the most obscure tracks and the artists that made them.

Xultris is an add-on for Firefox which lets you launch a Tetris-style game right from your browser window. It is a simple, fun, and easy to use rendition of the timeless classic.

A derivative of the 1980's mega-classic arcade game, the Pacman add-on for Firefox takes you back in the day by letting you chomp on pellets and eat fruit right in your browser window. Using your keyboard to navigate the familiar ghost-ridden maze, you can ascend through the increasingly difficult boards just like in the original version.

Number Madness
This Firefox browser add-on is a game in which you start with a jumbled grid of numbers. Your goal is to arrange the numbers in the correct order, from left to right and top to bottom in the least amount of steps.

Cards is a browser add-on for Firefox which lets you choose from over three dozen single-player card games to play right in your browser window. Included are some of the all-time favorites like FreeCell and Solitaire as well as some lesser known titles such as Penguin and Union Square.

Froggr is a Firefox add-on which lets you play a clone of the classic arcade game Frogger right in your browser window. Carefully leap through heavy traffic and jump across the backs of floating turtles in an effort to get your frog home safely.

PONG! Multiplayer
PONG! Multiplayer, a variant of the "world's first video game", is a Firefox add-on which lets you play this golden oldie right in your browser window. You can play both 1 or 2 player modes as well online multiplayer games with people all around the world by using your keyboard and/or mouse to control your paddle.

Snake is a Firefox add-on which lets you play a variant of the game Snake, also known as Worm, in your browser window. Try to eat as many red balls in the grid without crashing into a wall or, worse yet, your ever-growing snake's body.

Mines is a Firefox browser add-on based on the classic Minesweeper, the game made popular as a free inclusion with the Windows operating system. Nowadays there are variations of Minesweeper available for several platforms including Linux and Macintosh. The Mines add-on brings yet another variation of the game, with some very unique features of its own, right to your Firefox browser window.

Xoom is a Firefox add-on which lets you launch a car racing game right from your browser window. Navigate the course against three computer-driven opponents in an attempt to finish in first place.

Quiz Addicts Toolbar
Quiz Addicts Toolbar is a Firefox add-on which delivers random quiz questions to the toolbar section of your browser window. The toolbar also contains links to four different trivia games and more.

The Fasterfox add-on for Firefox speeds up your browser by utilizing a series of network and performance tweaks. Idle time is taken advantage of using a content prefetching mechanism to help you achieve the fastest load times possible. Also including a popup blocker focused on Flash plug-ins, this extension can help you get the most out of your browser.

Tab Mix Plus
Tab Mix Plus is a Firefox add-on which greatly enhances the application's tabbed browsing features. Included are dozens of options involving tab duplication, merging, focus, and much more. In addition to improving the browser's tab capabilities, this extension also features its own robust session manager.

Smart Bookmarks Bar
Smart Bookmarks Bar is a Firefox add-on which consolidates room on your browser's bookmarks bar by displaying only icons and removing the bookmark names. These names can be displayed on mouse over, and other options such as spacing can be configured.

NoScript is a Firefox add-on which allows executable content such as JavaScript to run only if it is being hosted on a domain that you trust. This easily configurable extension has been touted as a must have and can protect you from a wide array of security exploits.

Torrent Finder Toolbar
Torrent, or BitTorrent, downloading has quickly blossomed into one of the most common forms of peer-to-peer networking and file sharing. It is used to download almost anything including movies, music, software, and much more. The Torrent Finder Toolbar for Firefox allows you to simultaneously search over 100 torrent sites directly from your web browser.

AllPeers is a Firefox for Macintosh extension which allows you to share files, folders, web page images, and links from right within your Firefox browser using P2P (peer-to-peer) technology. The AllPeers Navigator lets you maintain contacts and gives you the ability to chat and share items with the people on your list.

TorrentBar is a Firefox add-on which lets you search some of the Web's top torrent sites directly from a browser toolbar. The ability to retrieve Google search results with the torrent file type as well as links to the latest P2P news are also included.

FoxTorrent is a Firefox extension which incorporates a BitTorrent client into your browser. This add-on gives you the ability to monitor and control the download progress of torrent files in a sleek and easy to use interface which is displayed in Firefox's main window.

CustomizeGoogle is a Firefox extension which allows you to modify the appearance of your Google search results in several ways, such as adding links to other search engines and suppressing advertisements. Many other features like masking your Google ID and streaming search results are also included.

DownThemAll! is an extremely powerful download manager and accelerator for the Firefox for Macintosh web browser. This feature-rich extension not only speeds up your downloads but allows you to easily retrieve links and images from a web page. You are also given the ability to filter certain file types from being transferred, and much more.

PDF Download
PDF Download is a Firefox extension which gives you several options when you click on a link whose target is a file in the .pdf format. You are given the ability to display the file within or outside of Firefox, save it to your hard drive, or view it in HTML format by using on-the-fly conversion.

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which allows you to modify the way web pages display by utilizing JavaScript code. Thousands of unique scripts tailored to a large number of sites are available free of charge. New scripts are published daily by a very active developer community. Users are also given the ability to write their own scripts.

Meebo is a web-based service which gives you the ability to simultaneously connect to multiple instant messaging services via your browser, eliminating the need for any client applications. The messaging services supported by Meebo include AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Yahoo! Instant Messenger (YIM), Google Talk, MSN Messenger, ICQ, and Jabber.

Download Statusbar
Download Statusbar is a Firefox for Macintosh extension that allows you to both monitor and manage your ongoing and completed downloads from a small sidebar in your browser window. Several customizable options give you the ability to take full control of all downloaded files from start to finish.

Video DownloadHelper
Video DownloadHelper is a Firefox for Macintosh extension that gives you the ability to capture and download audio, video, and image files from web sites like YouTube and MySpace. You can also receive alerts whenever a new video is available within your interest range on a select group of sites.

myTimeZone for eBay
myTimeZone for eBay is a Firefox extension which converts dates and times on eBay listings to reflect your specific locale. In addition, it gives you the ability to customize date formats in a number of ways and also provides automatic currency conversion and total price sorting options.

eBay Buddy
eBay Buddy is a Firefox extension which provides comprehensive menus which allow you to easily access hundreds of sections on eBay as well as several related sites and tools.

Feedbackfox is a Firefox extension which displays an eBay feedback filter in the sidebar of your browser window, allowing you to view a member's feedback based on comment type.

FireFTP is a Firefox for Macintosh extension that lets you access a full-featured File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client from right within your browser window, giving you the ability to upload and download files to and from FTP servers. Advanced features such as SSL encryption, integrity checking, remote editing, and directory comparison are included.

Bandwidth Meter and Diagnostics
Bandwidth Meter and Diagnostics is a Firefox extension which performs connection speed tests in addition to providing your public IP address and domain name. Also, Internet connection status as well as several diagnostic tools are provided whenever a web page fails to load.

ShowIP is a Firefox for Macintosh extension that displays the IP address of the web page you are currently viewing right in your browser's status bar. In addition, it gives you the ability to query services such as whois and netcraft via IP or Hostname.

ThumbStrips is an add-on for the Firefox Web browser which creates a filmstrip of thumbnail images depicting pages that you have recently visited. This functionality makes it easy to locate and return to pages in your browsing history with a simple click of the mouse.

Web Developer
Web Developer is a Firefox extension which adds a large collection of development tools to your browser. The integrated menu and toolbar contain dozens of useful features for both developers and designers alike.

Glubble Family Edition
Glubble Family Edition is a Firefox extension which provides a fully functional parental control suite for your browser. It gives parents, teachers, and other guardians the ability to safely dictate and monitor what areas of the Web their children and students are able to view.

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