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Top 2 Chat Extensions for Firefox for Windows


Are you a Firefox user looking to chat while you browse the web? There are some really cool chat-based browser extensions available. Take a look at this list of some of the best.

1. Peekko

Peekko is a chat extension which gives you the ability to chat with other people that happen to be on the same web page that you are on. It has a fairly easy to use interface, with many customizable options. The member base for this extension continues to grow at a steady pace, ensuring the chat rooms will become more and more active as time goes on.

2. Yakalike

Yakalike is similar to Peekko as it also lets you chat with people on the same web page. However, the interface for this extension is a lot simpler which limits your ability to fully customize it. Also, certain sites have decent chat traffic with Yakalike but at off-peak hours the chat channels for a lot of major sites seem to be empty which is a bit frustrating.

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