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Cards for Firefox

The Bottom Line

Cards is a browser add-on for Firefox which lets you choose from over three dozen single-player card games to play right in your browser window. Included are some of the all-time favorites like FreeCell and Solitaire as well as some lesser known titles such as Penguin and Union Square.


  • You can play a large variety of card games from your browser window.
  • Switching to different games via the Cards menu is very easy.
  • The Undo and Redo options greatly improve gameplay.
  • The Hint option is a helpful feature if you find yourself stuck at a certain point.
  • Starting a new game or restarting the current one is done with a simple click on the Cards menu.


  • You are forced, without instruction, to manually resize the Cards window the first time you run it.
  • The Help instructions for a select number of games are not thorough enough.
  • Aside from card size, the interface does not allow for any other modifications.


  • Cards allows you to play over forty different single-player card games in a Firefox pop-up window.
  • The Cards interface is launched from a link placed in Firefox's Tools menu.
  • Choosing which game you would like to play is done via the Game drop-down menu located in the toolbar of the Cards interface.
  • Menu options in the Cards interface allow you to start a New game or to Restart the current one.
  • Undo and Redo options let you quickly erase or reinstate your latest maneuver.
  • The Hint option will suggest the next move that you should make in most games.
  • The Help option will pop up a short set of rules for the current game that you are playing.
  • The interface can be configured to display small or normal sized cards.
  • Card animation can be easily toggled on and off via the Settings menu.
  • The Redeal option, only available in certain games, will re-deal the remaining cards available.

Guide Review - Cards

If you regularly use a computer, chances are you have played Solitaire or FreeCell at one time or another. These, as well as other single-player card games, have proven to be tried and true distractions, challenges, and even stress relievers for many of us. The Cards add-on provides an impressive selection of games in an easy to use format. The controls are very simple and features like Undo, Redo, and Hint give you that second chance or added boost of help that may be just what the doctor ordered in the middle of a tough game. Some of the instructions, especially for the more obscure titles, are a bit vague and can be confusing if you've never played a particular game before. Also, the lack of interface configuration options may be disappointing to those of you who like to tweak their background color, etc. Overall, this is a great add-on for those who enjoy patience card games and I highly recommend it.
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