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Mozilla Firefox Extensions and Add-Ons - Definition of Firefox ...
Extensions are add-ons to Firefox that give your application new functionality. These range from customized news readers to online games. These extensions ...
12 Firefox Search Add-Ons - Web Browsers - About.com
The Firefox browser offers a handy little Search Box, located to the right of the address bar, that lets you quickly find what you're looking for on a number of ...
Reviews of Add-Ons and Extensions for Firefox for Windows
Here you will find in-depth information and reviews from your About Web Browsers Guide on browser add-ons and extensions for Firefox for Windows.
Web Browser Add-Ons and Extensions - Reviews and Tutorials
Reviews and tutorials of the latest browser add-ons to customized plug-in configurations for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Netscape and Camino.
Why Hackers Love the Tamper Data Firefox Add-On - Security
Firefox is the browser of choice for most hackers because of its plug-in friendly design. One of the more popular hacker tools for Firefox is an add-on called ...
Fireshot Firefox Add-on Profile - Summary of ... - Web Browsers
A profile of the Fireshot add-on for the Firefox Web browser.
QuickJava Firefox Add-on - Web Browsers - About.com
QuickJava is a Firefox add-on that gives you the ability to toggle both Java and JavaScript on and off with a simple click of the mouse. Two icons, appropriately ...
Fasterfox Firefox Extension or Add-on - Web Browsers - About.com
The Fasterfox add-on for Firefox speeds up your browser by utilizing a series of network and performance tweaks. Idle time is taken advantage of using a content  ...
Forecastfox Firefox Extension or Add-on - Firefox ... - Web Browsers
Forecastfox is an add-on for the Firefox web browser which gives you the ability to display international and local weather forecasts in almost any of the ...
NoScript Firefox Extension or Add-on - Web Browsers - About.com
NoScript is a Firefox add-on which allows executable content such as JavaScript to run only if it is being hosted on a domain that you trust. This easily ...
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