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2010 About.com Reader's Choice Awards: Best Mobile Browser

What is the Best Mobile Browser?

Is the best mobile Web browser one of the many available via the iPhone's App Store or is it an application used by surfers on another platform such as Android or Palm Pre OS? You make the call. Nominate your choice for the best mobile Web browser in the 2010 About.com Reader's Choice Awards.

We're looking for the opinions of About.com readers on the best Web browsers and browser-related software across 7 categories including this one. The nomination period begins on January 1, 2010 and closes on January 24, 2010. Voting on the final nominees will then take place in February with the winners being announced on March 1.

The Best Mobile Browser category is for any Web browsers that are used on portable devices such as smartphones and PDAs. This includes those integrated with mobile operating systems such as Apple's Safari as well as third-party browsers, both free and paid.

Other Categories...

To nominate Web browsers or browser-related resources in other categories visit one of the following links:

Best Browser Theme
Best Independent Browser
Best Major Desktop Browser
Best Overall Add-On (Non-Security)
Best Privacy/Security Add-On
Best User Script

Nomination Instructions: Best Mobile Browser

February 1, 2010: The nomination period has closed for this category. The finalists have been announced and the voting has begun!

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